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Registration 2024

Child's details

Child first name

Last name


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Medical Information or allergies

Does your child carry an Epipen

Child's mobile if applicable 

Child's Hebrew name

Ski Details

Ski or Snow Board




Parents details

Mothers name

Mothers Mobile

Mothers email

Mothers home phone

Fathers name

Fathers Mobile

Fathers email

Fathers home phone

Child's primary address

Is the natural mother of the child Jewish

Are there any conversions in the family, if yes please provide details.

Emergency details

Emergency contact name

Relationship to child

Emergency mobile

Emergency home phone


Is there anything you would like us to know about or be aware of?


In the event camp needs to contact you, please advise us which Chabad center you would like to be in touch with you. If you do not have a particular one, please advise how you became aware of this camp and we will match you up the correct center. Thank you.

Chabad Center

Name of friend who refered you to this camp

Shabbaton Fee: No Charge



I hereby authorise Chabad leaders and staff to obtain any medical care necessary for my child. I understand that in the case of emergency of any significant illness or injury, attempt will be made to contact myself when practical. I agree to pay for any cost that may occur as a result of the injury/illness. I acknowledge my child may be participate in activities within and outside the Chabad grounds. I authorise my child to participate in these activities. I hereby authorise Chabad to photograph my child and to use the photographs at their discretion.

Name of Parent or Guardian

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